A fly and a bee were caught in a flue.
Said the fly to the bee, "Let us fly."
Said the bee to the fly, "Let us flee."
So they flew ... through a hole in the flue.

Who can resist an ancient joke? Not I.

Customer: "Waiter, there's a bee in my soup."
Waiter: "Yes, sir, it's the fly's day off."

The shallow depth of field is frustrating, but the insects won't sit still long enough to set up a tripod and take a set of images to put together into a focus stack.

I can't resist a Gary Larson joke, either.

This is one of our mason bees. Its cocoon spent the winter in our downstairs refrigerator. It's not a good year for bees: late, cold, wet spring. Some of them emerged from their cocoons in a box on our kitchen window sill, and a couple of those got out of the box before being transferred outside. Then the challenge was to catch the bee without injuring it and take it out to the back yard. Good thing these bees don't sting.