It's overcast this evening, and overcast evening light is as flattering to flowers as it is to people. This fall chrysanthemum is new in the garden this year. The package said it was called Daisy Rose Charm. That may be the right name (the packages are wrong fairly often) but the colour isn't much like any rose we've seen.

It's not a bright colour, but it's very vivid.

This is a perennial blue chrysanthemum whose name we don't know.

We like it, and so do the bees (although it's too late in the evening for any of them to be in this shot).

The dahlias are still blooming. This one is Spanish Dancer.

Dog's Breakfast: an infelicitious name for a fairly good looking flower.



Dorothy May: named after his wife by a local grower and hybridizer.

Park Princess

There's rain in the forecast. It's a good time to pick some of the blooms that wouldn't do well in the rain.

The large dahlia front and centre is called Bodacious.