These pictures were taken SW of Saskatoon. The first 3 were taken at picture location 1 on this map. The first one is completely undistinguished but I'm a sucker for long straight prairie roads. There's something very peaceful about standing in the middle of a dirt road which vanishes at the horizon. It was a beautiful day with a light breeze and it was very quiet.

I left the car by the side of that long road and walked for about 10 minutes across a field to get to these trees.

This picture was taken at location 2. I had to get through a barbed wire fence to get to the viewpoint, but it was worth the effort. The geese were far away but I could hear them chattering to each other.

The field of stubble was at location 3.

The farm at location 4 was somewhat neglected, but the permanently flooded field by the road was visually appealing.