Red Joyce Fountain. Spring was late, October had less rain than usual, and we haven't had much frost or a strong wind. As a consequence of all that, the chrysanthemums out in the garden are in unusually good shape. Time to pick a bunch and bring them inside before winter does them in.

First Light. Sharp eyed viewers will notice that the foliage is from a geranium, not a chrysanthemum. The chrysanthemum leaves haven't held up as well as the flowers.

Billy Belle. This is a favourite of growers who like to pinch off most of the buds on a plant to grow individual blooms that are about as large as your head. We just let them do their thing.

The roses can't deal with the cooler wetter weather as well as the chrysanthemums do, but this lot have done all right.

Mountbatten. Faint but pleasant scent. I tried to put together a 4 level focus stack on these but failed because there isn't enough texture in the petals for Photoshop to use when aligning the layers. So I went back and took one shot at f/22.

Sunset Celebration. This one is decidedly imperfect, with outer petals that have been beaten up by rain and cold. Somehow that makes it more appealing. Irrational, but then the whole thing about the aesthetic appeal of flowers is irrational anyway. Unless you're a hummingbird or a bee. This one has enough petal texture that a 3 level stack let me get it sharp from front to back.