Another really nice day. Two in a row is a pretty good deal. Another North Shore panorama, but this time I had the heavy camera along. If I were really serious about this, I would have had the tripod and used one of my prime lenses, but this was just a simple 3 shot stitch from the 24-105.

A very hardy back deck rose which has been flowering for months. The green stuff is parsley, which seeds itself all over our garden.

The rose is very prolific in late summer and early fall but in January it can only manage two flowers. The plant has made it through several nights with a few degrees of frost without complaint.

Tonight, though, they're predicting 5 degrees of frost, so all the deck plants are going to spend the night inside.

We've been clearing snow off the hummingbird feeder and thawing the sugar water in the morning. The hummingbirds have been rewarding us with lots of visits. This is the alpha female: she owns the feeder, so she feeds when she feels like it and she sometimes hangs around for a few minuates.

This is the female again. It's much harder to get pictures of the male. He visits briefly and furtively because if he hangs around he gets chased off by the female.