Plant growers deal with large numbers of seeds and young plants which tend to look alike, at least within a family of plants. It's not surprising that they sometimes make mistakes when they label their products. This is an example: a lily whose label claimed it would grow waist high. The label was obviously for some other lily, not this one.

A family member called these "mutant lilies". A pretty good name - it evokes a sense of surprise. A tree at this size would be unsurprising, but a lily?

They have a strong scent. You don't want to brush up against them because the pollen stains clothing and the stain is hard to remove. In spite of that, they are a nice addition to the garden.

This tomato plant was advertised as a green zebra, which is one of our favourite varieties.

Obviously not green when ripe, hence not green zebra.

We sent pictures to the store that sold the tomato, and they identified it as "Latah". It's a good tasting, very early variety, so we don't mind.